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June 03, 2008



This is great. You should get the StumbleUpon button for your blog - I would have stumbled this...


Also, get rid of the comment verification - Typepad comment verification is a pain in the neck, because the commenter has to wait for a whole separate page to load to complete it. I recently dropped cv from my blog and have had no problems whatsoever.


I like to tell people what to do - but I guess you figured that out.


I just wandered over here from The More the Messier and I gotta say, the ice cream truck man CREEPS ME OUT. And why IS the music weird, too? It's like he's trying to lure children. . .


Yes, Yes Yes. Ice cream men can seem really creepy. We actually have a guy who owns an ice cream truck on our street. I have never even seen him smile. EVER! he doesn't even try and sell in our neighborhood. He freaks us out a little too much.

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