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March 12, 2008


Good & Crazy

Was that posted at midnight for real?

I am in love with this blog. I would marry this blog (well...except for the 3 kids, one cat, one large mortgage and oh, a husband). Little bits and posts of poetry that I get to wake up to on a regular basis.



ok-ur blog is one of the reasons i wake up in the morning and immediately turn on the computer. Many of your past posts have made me cry (because i laughed so hard, don't flatter yourself) Anyway-you ROCK! You should write a book. I would buy it and so would all my friends. You would be rich and famous, all because of me. So, if you have a book, let me know, if you don't, please write one, i always need a good gift. Thanks for the laughs


Yeah, write a book for godsake!!

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