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July 01, 2008



Gosh, he sounds like one of my blog posts!

Surfer Jay

Oh snap! I can't wait untill I can talk about puking with my boy. Right now he pukes constantly, some call it spit-up, but I tend to think of it as puke. Anything that wasbe in the stomach, and is not there anymore, puke..

And out the nose, feel the burn, that's gotta be more uncomfortable than shooting out soda. Funny stuff.


Too funny. At least you know he doesn't have ADHD. No kid with that, could stay on the same subject that long.


Oh, and I agree with him Puke is Yucky! Especially coming out of your nose.


I agree with your son, puke is yucky, especially when it comes out your nose.


Your posts are the greatest. Even if they are about puke, a topic that makes me gag. You need a publisher!

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