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August 26, 2008



Fare you well!

I have greatly enjoyed your posts. Best wishes to you and your brood.


Final Post? What's up with that?


Sad to see you go but thanks for the laughs. Best wishes.


? WHA'? YOU CAN'T, I'M ADDICTED! WHAT I'M I GOING TO READ TO LIFT MY DAY? HOW WILL I SPEND MY BREAKS AT WORK (ok not breaks but sneaks while boss isn't looking).


I tell my kids daily to "get that out of your mouth" and I always think fondly of you. Your posts here have been GREAT. Wherever you're going, have fun!


I will cry myself to sleep tonight. What other man is as funny as you? How will I bare it? If you quit writing, your book when you publish it will surely be missing essential elements! I will miss you and your boys.
I always ask my kids, Is that food? Then should it be in your mouth?
Good Luck. You will be missed!


BTW I am not a stalker. I just get much enjoyment out of your writing. I am not great with words. Sorry.


oh no! well, thank you - your posts always make me laugh - like, a loud, snorting laugh - or get all teary. every time.
i'll keep you in my rss in case you change your mind..


Alright, I need a way to have the void filled. Do you write a humor column in the paper or something? You truly will be missed. Thank you for it all.


Will miss your writing terribly. You writing is the best among the whole lot of daddy bloggers I read. I swear.


I meant "Your" :(
If you ever decide to write elsewhere, or even continue on this space later, please let us know. I'll keep visiting this site till I give up all hope.
Wish you and your family a great life.


Sorry to hear that. Your writings always crack me up.

Good luck to you and yours!


Good times. I enjoyed all your posts. Take care!!

Courtney KS

Thanks for the many outbursts of laughter and ponderous posts you have provided.

Very best of luck to you and your family!

Courtney from SF

dude, come on! you can't stop now! your kids are still funny, your posts are contributing to global happiness...

it all happened so fast...without warning...


How sad for us readers.
I have really enjoyed your posts.

Good luck to you and your family


I loved your blog and will miss it. You had a loyal following of San Antonio mamas!


Terrible! This is such a great blog! It is wonderful and very different from all others. Very excellent writing. Let me repeat my question: when will all this little gems published as a book?
I will miss your blog - and hope you are just joking.


Typo alert. I should have previewed my entry. Oh, well...


Oh, I'm going to miss your style of writing and your humor very much!! I loved reading your posts to my husband, too. Hope you enjoy your next venture!


say it ain't so....


What the eff??? You can't quit! I looooooove yooooooooou!


oh no, this is a sad sad day. these posts have been so funny, i'll miss them so much.

a. borealis

Terrible, but everything has its season. Sad!! I'll miss reading your insightful stories on both the shining and mundane parts of parenting.

Adios to you, your wife, the lads and your hairless legs. (My husband suffers the same fate...) Adieu!


Wait? What? No! You can't do that to me! I just discovered your blog and have been *thoroughly* entertained. You can't just STOP like that! Nooooooo! :(

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